Do not use items which can cause harm to the environment

As it is the world is reeling under the effect of greenhouse gases. And as if this is not enough cause for alarm, people still go on polluting the atmosphere and continue to use products which cause harm to the economy. There is a pressing need for people to take stock of the situation and start using eco-friendly products. If this is not done on an urgent basis, the world may not survive for long and we would not be leaving our children with a world they so richly deserve. A world; free from pollution! A world; Easy to breathe fresh air! It is high time people realise their responsibilities and act responsibly too. Plastic is the bane of humans. It has the capacity to clog drains and is absolutely non-biodegradable. This is one item which should have been abolished long back. But convenience had the upper hand over environment friendliness and plastic started invading every house. It is not plastic that is to blame in its entirety. It is only that form of plastic and polyethylene below a certain thickness level that is dangerous.

There are viable options available all over the globe. One just has to look round the corner and one can find myriad products which can stand the environment test. Such items should be encouraged. Let us take a small example. During a wedding food is usually supplied in plastic plates and water in plastic bottles. This form of plastic is non-biodegradable. This can be replaced an eco-friendly product such as plates made from organic bamboo, palm leaves and so on and so forth. These items can be recycled and hence do not cause any harm to the atmosphere. Hence the need of the hour is to propagate use of eco-friendly products so that the environment can be saved.