Great games to play at a kid’s party

Kid’s party games are a great way to increase the fun for your child’s birthday. They lighten the mood and have great benefits to your child’s social abilities. Today we will be listing some of the best party games for kids. So grab your Majesty Rainbow Horse Birthday Party Supplies, food, cake and balloons and get ready to party.

1.    Catch the wolf
A classic game involving one player facing a wall, and the remaining player standing the behind. The player facing the wall is the wolf, the other players the hunters. The hunters have to slowly approach the wolf. However, the wolf can turn around at any point in the game; the hunters must stop moving instantly, or lose the game.

The hunter who reaches the child without being seen moving is the winner!

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2.    Duck Duck Goose
Everyone knows this game and it’s very easy to play. All the players sit in a circle. One player is selected at a time to walk around the outside of the circle. The chosen player pats the other players’ heads saying “duck” to each player. At random the player will say “goose!” and start running, the goose has to stand up and catch the running player. If they do not catch the player, then they become to duck, and begin their turn.

3.    What’s on the plate
Use the plates from your Majesty Rainbow Horse Birthday Party Supplies and blindfold one player. Place some random items onto the plates. The blindfolded player has to correctly guess what the items are to win.

4.    Pass the present
Simply wrap up a toy with wrapping paper multiple times. You should aim for about 15 layers of paper. Players each get one layer of paper to unwrap; whoever unwraps the last wrap wins the toy.